Frequently Asked Questions about OmeTV

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Is Ome TV Free ?

It is absolutely free to use every feature of Ometv. Also, ad is not running on Ometv. You can enjoy uninterrupted chat on Ome TV.

Is Ome tv safe for privacy?

OmeTV is an anonymous chat alternative. You do not have to share your personal information with Ometv or other users. You are safe on OmeTV. 

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Why do I need to indicate my gender?

There are many men who want to meet girls in Ometv and many women who want to meet men. This is necessary to make it easier for you to match your opposite sex.

What should I do if I’m just looking at the ladies?

As in real life, there is never enough girls for every boy. So Ometv does not offer gender filter feature. Ome TV does not want users to be dissatisfied.

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Is it true I can meet and talk to a famous YouTuber?

Many YouTubers use random chat to entertain people and make videos. The popularity of OmeTV is exploding. And many famous Ometv were seen. Why not meet one of those famous.

When is the best time to find new people?

Ometv is crowded every hour of the day. Millions of people from different parts of the world use Ometv.

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What should I do if someone in a video chat bothers me?

Please complain about the users who are bothering you. Ometv checks complaints and banned inappropriate users.

How can I communicate with a stranger from another country if I don’t speak her language?

Just enable text message translation in the video chat settings. Every word you type in the text chat will get translated. From now on there is no language barrier between you and your chat partner.

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Can I reconnect with a person if we got disconnected?

Ometv does not record chats. Because this is against anonymity. You will have to surf among other online users to find someone you chatted with before.

Are your questions over? Start chatting!