Ometv Online Chat Rules

Ometv is a chat alternative where you can video chat and have fun without registration. Of course, everyone has the right to have fun, but nobody has the right to disturb anyone while having fun. So everyone has to respect the chat partner and follow the rules.

1) disrespectful activities are prohibited on Ometv


Being rude and spreading sexual or depressive comments,

Harassing or disrespecting others during a chat,

Making religion, race, sexual discrimination and humiliating others during chat.


2) Offensive behavior is prohibited

Forbidden to show bare chest without a face,

Making nude video chats or show yourself in undergarments,

Virtual sex,

Showing your genital organs,

***(Try to keep your face in the camera frame)

naked icon

3) View irrelevant images or hide your face

webcam icon

Directing the webcam towards some image,

Directing the webcam towards your PC screen.

Feel free to show your face to the camera

4) Forbidden to spam activities on Ometv

Placing any ad URLs during the text chat, 

Asking other OmeTV users to visit any URL,

Texting any ad message in bulk

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5) rule violation

You can complain to people who violate the rules. Collaborate with us. If you complain, people who violate the rules will be detected more quickly and easily. Users who receive many complaints will be banned from the system.

Start chatting if you understand all the rules well.